Greywing Financial

Take a minute and look at your finances. What does that mean? Take a look at what you have. How much cash? How much value in stocks? How much in bonds? What about other items of value? Cars? What are they really worth? Home? After selling it, paying the fees, how much cash would you have left?

Then take all of the money you owe, take the expenses you and your spouse and kids will incur while under your roof, for the estimated duration of your life.

Subtract the second one from the first one, and you will have a pretty good idea about what it is going to take to get you from here to the end.

Now of course whether you shop at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, and whether you vacation in Palm Springs or Tahiti, is going to make a huge difference as well.

We are here to help you get the first number above to be equal to the second number. Really that simple.

Welcome aboard, and please remain seated while the train is in motion.

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